CQC Compliance & Quality Assurance

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and adult social care services in England. Since 2014 the CQC have introduced a new approach to inspecting dental practices, using specially trained inspectors accompanied by qualified dental advisors.

By law, all dental practices in England must make sure that the care and treatment they provide meet national standards of quality and safety.

The CQC will only register dental practices if they can demonstrate that they are meeting national standards. If dental practices are not registered with the CQC, they will not be able to provide services to the NHS.

The CQC will inspect dental practices to make sure they are meeting these standards.

They can inspect a dental practice at any time, especially if there are concerns about poor practices or the care it provides. If they find that a dental practice isn’t meeting the standards, they will take action, potentially stop them practicing and continue to re-inspect the practice until it meets the required standards.

CQC have inspected 10% of Dental Practices in England throughout 2015, and they plan to increase that rate in 2016.


Ai Dental can help you achieve dental compliance with national standards, including full audit, maintenance and risk assessments